FORECAST FOR 3/19/18 time zone: Asia/Jakarta, lat: -6.17511, lon: 106.865039

Day of week: Monday (+)

Help get rid of boredom, depression, unpleasant memories. On this day, it cuts out all the negative.

Phase: waxing crescent (+)
begins: 8:14 PM 3/17/18

If you want to make your hair grow faster, their condition improved and stronger roots, trim the hair on this day.

Age: 2nd lunar day (+)
ends: 7:14 AM Monday

Haircut in the phase of growing Moon, not only speed up the hair growth, but also will establish health energy flow. This allows you to update the status of all the organs of your body.
It is worth painting hair natural dyes, such type of coloring will bring you energy of monetary profit.
Today, you can experiment with shape, color and length of your hair, it will bring you new strength, inspiration. You will begin to generate new ideas, you will today desire to work and to earn.
Today, it is the material issues and your health are in the foreground. If you properly plan today have the opportunity to increase its influence on you. Due to the listener of the day you overcome early fatigue, should go to bed early, sleep, it will help you recover.

Age: 3rd lunar day (+)
begins: 7:14 AM Monday

Haircut would provide inflow of material energy, in other words, you want to increase your wealth, it's time to change the length of the hair. So did the Waxing Gibbous Moon will accelerate hair growth.
Hair, dyed with natural dyes, will allow you to succeed in the workplace. Nature today will give you energy, not worth unnecessarily complicate the hairstyle.
Today, after two days of "Settings", you are ready for full energy exchange with the cosmos. Today you'll be eaten up with curiosity, there will be a necessity for new impressions, energy will bubble up, you'll be an extraordinary listener.
For more active energy exchange comb your hair as many times as you complete years. This action will help bring positive energy and negative will go away.