Why Billing unavailable (code)

  • 1 User pressed back or canceled a dialog
  • 2 Network connection is down
  • 3 Billing API version is not supported for the type requested
    • There's no google user logged in your device
    • User resides in a country that prohibits in-app purchases
    • Google Play app does not recognize in-app billing v3. Update or reinstall Google Play app
  • 4 Requested product is not available for purchase
  • 5 Invalid arguments provided to the API. This error can also indicate that the application was not correctly signed or properly set up for In-app Billing in Google Play, or does not have the necessary permissions in its manifest
  • 6 Fatal error during the API action
  • 7 Failure to purchase since item is already owned
  • 8 Failure to consume since item is not owned