The calendar connects events from the user's personal calendar with the lunar calendar of haircuts. It's no secret that not every time is suitable for a haircut. Such factors as the moon phase, the day of the week and the age of the moon are considered. They are represented in the form of colored circles. Green means positive forecast, red - negative, gray - neutral, mix - transitions between them. To see the detailed forecast, click the "More Info" button.
In the settings "Time range" you can specify the time period of the day in which you usually visit the beauty salon. The default range is quite wide: 9 AM - 9 PM. The smaller the range, the more ideally suitable haircuts will be found.
To go to the perfect day in the calendar, click the blue search button with the vertical arrow. The down arrow indicates the direction of the search forward, the up arrow indicates the direction of the search backward. Change of direction occurs automatically when the boundaries of the calendar are reached. The direction also changes manually with a long touch.
Tap on "Appoint" button to schedule your haircut. The search will also stop at such days.
To share your forecast with someone else tap the "Share" icon (next to the "Appoint" button).


The current version contains the following languages: English, Español, Deutsche, Français, Português, Русский.
Your coordinates.
Forecasts are formed taking into account the current location (Reykjavik by default) and time. You may view this information (time zone, latitude and longitude) in detailed forecast. After installing the application go to the settings and set the coordinates automatically (recommended) or manually.
Information widget.
You may set app widget with a long touch on a free space of the screen to always display brief information of the current day. In this case, you will also receive notifications on marked days and days suitable for haircuts.