FORECAST FOR 3/18/18 time zone: Asia/Dhaka, lat: 23.810332, lon: 90.412518

Day of week: Sunday (-)

It is strictly forbidden! This day your communication with a personal egregor (guardian angel) is strongest. If this day something to change in the body, and even more so cut off some part, it is possible to break communication with the cosmos. By the way, these recommendations fully apply not only to the hair, but also to the nails.

Phase: new moon (-)
begins: 7:14 PM 3/17/18

It is not recommended to cut hair. One of the most critical moments for the body.

Age: 1st lunar day (-)
ends: 6:38 AM Sunday

Haircuts in New Moon is extremely undesirable. According to legends of many peoples of the world the number of hair, which on this day people lose so much and life will be shorter.
Hair coloring is valid only with natural dyes, it will preserve favorable relationships with others. To save yourself from the negative effects of better tie up your hair in a braid.
This day is difficult to focus on work and household chores, Your soul is in turmoil. Don't blame yourself in laziness and inactivity, you tune to a new moon, a new energy flow.
Try to spend this day in peace, a certain detachment, alone. It is worth getting enough sleep, spend the day while dreaming, reading. Worth getting out into nature, it now will fill you with energy. By the end of the day it's worth fully relax and enjoy a full day of spa procedures.

Age: 2nd lunar day (+)
begins: 6:38 AM Sunday

Haircut in the phase of growing Moon, not only speed up the hair growth, but also will establish health energy flow. This allows you to update the status of all the organs of your body.
It is worth painting hair natural dyes, such type of coloring will bring you energy of monetary profit.
Today, you can experiment with shape, color and length of your hair, it will bring you new strength, inspiration. You will begin to generate new ideas, you will today desire to work and to earn.
Today, it is the material issues and your health are in the foreground. If you properly plan today have the opportunity to increase its influence on you. Due to the listener of the day you overcome early fatigue, should go to bed early, sleep, it will help you recover.