FORECAST FOR 3/1/18 time zone: Pacific/Wake, lat: 19.279619, lon: 166.649935

Day of week: Thursday (+)

Will help to strengthen your credibility, increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Phase: waxing gibbous (+)
begins: 7:09 PM 2/23/18

If you want to make your hair grow faster, their condition improved and stronger roots, trim the hair on this day.

Age: 14th lunar day (+-)
ends: 5:11 PM Thursday

Haircut in 14th Lunar day can affect the mind, lead to depression and even fear.
Minor change of hair color can promote success in affairs.
Hairstyle should be more natural as possible, it is advisable to leave a parting, it will allow you to get the energy of rebirth and renewal.
Today - day of active actions and implementation of the conceived plans especially as forces and inspiration will be enough for you for all of them. But everything can prevent banal laziness, not worth feeling sorry for yourself, expend energy wasted. Date passes under the influence of the energy of creation. Don't be afraid to be exhausted from great plans fallen on you, exactly in the fourteenth lunar day stream of your forces and energy is almost limitless.

Age: 15th lunar day (-)
begins: 5:11 PM Thursday

Trouble in terms of health today may be triggered by exactly the haircut that day.
To disguise, to become "invisible" to cares and troubles it is worth being painted dark color.
To configure the receive positive and warm energy is worth to get rid of the curls and to give preference to straight long hair.
It is today will allow you to fulfill your hidden desires and dreams, today the word turns into a business. Space will give you energy of action, activity. Today, it is worth paying attention to their advantages and disadvantages, especially the shortcomings, they may take hold of you in this day and spoil your reputation. It is worth managing correctly and rationally with your hair, pay them attention that they have helped you to save face this difficult day. "