FORECAST FOR 2/28/18 time zone: Australia/Sydney, lat: -33.86882, lon: 151.209296

Day of week: Wednesday (+)

Will help to improve the relations with people, to eliminate confusion in affairs and thoughts. Often a haircut in this day of the week becomes a harbinger of unexpected news.

Phase: waxing gibbous (+)
begins: 7:09 PM 2/23/18

If you want to make your hair grow faster, their condition improved and stronger roots, trim the hair on this day.

Age: 12th lunar day (+-)
ends: 6:23 PM Wednesday

Hair cut today will bring material wealth. Dyeing with natural dyes as well attract money energy.
Today's hairstyle, unusual and bright will allow to attract the opposite sex and will help to solve problems on a personal front.
Today you will be visited by desire to help gratuitously, to develop spiritually, be improved. It is better to postpone the important financial negotiations planned for today, there is a risk not to find a common language with the opponent.
Any interaction with the hair will attract to you a variety of energy, it will help you gain strength, calmness and balance.

Age: 13th lunar day (+-)
begins: 6:23 PM Wednesday

The hair in the 13th lunar day will improve your health, the intuition at a height, it will solve the financial issues in the business.
Hair coloring today is not desirable. The hairstyle today should be taken very seriously, it is not necessary to trust it to stranger. Today you are under the influence of new energies and better not to trust strangers.
Today space is talking to you on "new frequencies", this will allow you to achieve excellent results in almost all endeavors. Try to spend more time with the relatives, because there is exactly today an opportunity to settle some disagreements and to reach harmony. Today you will want to visit the nature, some sentimentality can overcome you.