FORECAST FOR 7/7/18 Reykjavik, Iceland time zone: America/Chicago, lat: 32.779091, lon: -96.80027

Day of week: Saturday (+)

Haircut helps to get rid of loneliness, dissatisfaction, increases self-esteem. It is also believed that it helps relieve some of the problems caused by others.

Phase: waning crescent (+-)
begins: 07:52 7/6/18

Hair can be cut only if you want to slow down hair growth and strengthen the roots of hair.

Age: 23rd lunar day (-)
ends: 07:00 Saturday

Haircut today is contraindicated, it can cause various dislocations and troubles.
Coloring hair using natural ingredients worth entrust your loved ones, this will give a positive attitude and will add joy to your life.
For preservation of a positive spirit and joy it is worth to curl the hair.
Today, your inner self will be sharpened, you'll be as unique and original like never before. Decide what exactly today you will be engaged will not be easy, you will be overcome by new ideas and deeds.
During this period, both excellent and creative ideas will be generated, and not the most successful ones, so you should carefully consider the ideas that you want to implement. Do not get carried away with alcohol and psychotropic substances, they can represent you not in the best light.

Age: 24th lunar day (+-)
begins: 07:00 Saturday

Today new haircut will give you a huge amount of energy. Cut your hair if you want to save the new hairstyle for a long time.
If you are in search of a new job or want to impress an executive, you should dye your hair with natural dyes in a dark shade.
Voluminous curls in your styling will attract positive energy.
Today you can plunge into grief and melancholy, indulge in doubts and a spiritual imbalance. You will feel lonely and misunderstood person, may appear unfounded fears and despair. Spend the day alone, try to find inner harmony and serenity.