FORECAST FOR 7/29/18 Sydney, Australia time zone: Australia/Sydney, lat: -33.86882, lon: 151.209296

Day of week: Sunday (-)

It is strictly forbidden! This day your communication with a personal egregor (guardian angel) is strongest. If today something to change in the body, and even more so cut off some part, it is possible to break communication with the cosmos. By the way, these recommendations fully apply not only to the hair, but also to the nails.

Phase: waning gibbous (+-)
begins: 06:22 7/28/18

Hair can be cut only if you want to slow down hair growth and strengthen the roots of hair.

Age: 16th lunar day (-)
ends: 18:27 Sunday

To save your own health today should give up the haircut. It can negatively affect the circulatory and endocrine systems.
For achievement of internal harmony and tranquility it is possible to dye a hair in dark tone with natural vegetable dyes.
To receive from space as much as possible energy of the nature it is worth braiding hair in a high bunch.
The day is not particularly active therefore it is worth devoting it to quiet and measured pastime. Space in the 16th lunar days radiates energy evenly and positively, however if in previous days you weren't active, then today excessive self-criticism and torments can absorb you. To get rid of these negative emotions you can be helped by meditation and spiritual books.

Age: 17th lunar day (-)
begins: 18:27 Sunday

If soon you plan a drastic change in life, the haircut will help to implement the planned, otherwise the new haircut should be abandoned.
For increase in the importance among colleagues and relatives and just for improvement of mutual understanding with people around it is worth painting hair in light or red color natural dyes.
To attract the powerful energy of the sun, a bright ribbon of yellow-red shades should be added to the hairdo.
Today you can wake up the desire to turn everything upside down, you will want everything new. Today you will reflect how to achieve these changes. The day is perfect for getting new information, training or advanced training.