FORECAST FOR 7/23/18 Mumbai, India time zone: Asia/Kolkata, lat: 19.075984, lon: 72.877656

Day of week: Monday (+)

Today, the haircut can protect you from surprises, protect you from trouble and even help you get help.

Phase: waxing gibbous (+)
begins: 01:23 7/20/18

If you want your hair to grow faster, its condition improved, and the roots strengthened, cut your hair today.

Age: 10th lunar day (-)
ends: 15:46 Monday

Haircut today can negatively affect your health.
However, hair coloring with natural plant dyes like henna will allow you to get the favor of the boss. Today is worth combing your hair as often as possible, it will improve your relationship with the cosmos.
Today is not worth sitting in one place, day filled with energy and movement, try to get the maximum emotions from everything you do. Closer to the evening, you can spend time with your family or close friends. This will give you strength and positive energy.

Age: 11th lunar day (+)
begins: 15:46 Monday

Haircut today will allow you to maintain health and save you from the negative energy of resentment. Coloring hair with vegetable dyes will make it easier to solve business and work issues.
Hairstyle today must be carefully thought out and carefully laid so as not to break the relationship with the cosmos. Today we need to control our actions, as they can cause a burst of both positive and negative energy. Today starts to grow business acumen. Today you will be able to cope with large amount of information.