FORECAST FOR 6/16/18 Singapore, Singapore time zone: Asia/Singapore, lat: 1.355379, lon: 103.867744

Day of week: Saturday (+)

Haircut helps to get rid of loneliness, dissatisfaction, increases self-esteem. It is also believed that it helps relieve some of the problems caused by others.

Phase: waxing crescent (+)
begins: 03:45 6/14/18

If you want your hair to grow faster, their condition improved, and the roots strengthened, cut your hair today.

Age: 3rd lunar day (+)
ends: 09:18 Saturday

Haircut would provide inflow of material energy, in other words, if you want to increase your wealth, it's time to change the length of the hair. Also, the growing moon will accelerate hair growth.
Hair, dyed with natural dyes, will allow you to succeed in the workplace. Nature today will give you energy, not worth unnecessarily complicate the hairstyle.
Today, after two days of setting up, you are ready for full energy exchange with the cosmos. Today you will show curiosity, there will be a need for new impressions, the energy will flow. You will show extraordinary activity.
For more active energy exchange, comb your hair as many times as you are full years. This action will help bring positive energy, and the negative will disappear.

Age: 4th lunar day (-)
begins: 09:18 Saturday

Haircut - not the best solution in this day. The planned cases and goals can be broken.
Hair coloring in natural color with vegetable dyes will maintain the stability of work and finances. Do not experiment with new hairstyles, put your hair as easy as possible and convenient, it will allow you to gain strength and energy.
Today, you will literally be overwhelmed by the flow of information, and you yourself will share with others their ideas and thoughts.
If you find an approach to your hair all your initiatives and ideas will bring you the maximum benefit.