FORECAST FOR 5/21/18 Chicago, USA time zone: America/Chicago, lat: 41.878114, lon: -87.629798

Day of week: Monday (+)

Will be able to protect you from surprises, to protect from troubles and will even help to receive the help.

Phase: first quarter (+-)
begins: 22:50 5/21/18

Neutral time for haircuts and hair coloring.

Age: 6th lunar day (+-)
ends: 11:50 Monday

Haircut today will allow to get rid of diseases, as well attract money.
You shouldn't paint hair, it is possible to provoke dissonance in a family or collective.
Choose strong, classic hairstyle, static, not high, this will allow you to draw energy.
Emotions today will surround you everywhere, you might even think that there are too many of them, want to find a quiet place, you need to understand them, to bring his feelings back in order. It is worth to pay attention to your emotions, not breaking anything and not to destroy what has been achieved.

Age: 7th lunar day (+)
begins: 11:50 Monday

Haircut today means aggravation of intuition, which certainly will help you on this day. The moon is still growing, which will contribute to the growth of hair.
Hair coloring will reward you with sexuality. You feel confident in yourself.
It is worth doing the easy curling hair, ringlets will allow you to receive energy of the nature.
Emotional background is gradually coming back to normal. The best time to come to senses and prepare for a new. New ideas with their problems and obstacles are solved easily. At this time you are ready to defend their views, actions and interests.