FORECAST FOR 5/3/18 Kolkata, India time zone: Asia/Kolkata, lat: 22.572646, lon: 88.363895

Day of week: Thursday (+)

Will help to strengthen your credibility, increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Phase: waning gibbous (+-)
begins: 06:29 4/30/18

Cut your hair only if you want to slow the hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

Age: 17th lunar day (-)
ends: 21:03 Thursday

If shortly you plan cardinal changes in life, then a hairstyle will help to carry out conceived, otherwise it is worth refusing a new hairstyle.
For increase in the importance among colleagues and relatives and just for improvement of mutual understanding with people around it is worth painting hair in light or red color natural dyes.
It is worth interweaving a bright tape of yellow-red shades into the hairstyle to attract to itself powerful energy of the sun.
Today at you desire to turn everything "upside down" can wake up, it will want all new. Today you will reflect how to achieve these changes. The day is perfect for getting new information, training or further training.

Age: 18th lunar day (+-)
begins: 21:03 Thursday

The hairstyle will help to increase your charisma today, will give forces and health. Especially it will affect lungs. The moon is waning today and if you want to keep a hairstyle longer it is worth having hair cut.
It is worth being painted at color which you had during the most successful period of your life, during the period which you would like to return.
In a hairstyle it is worth placing emphasis on a bang, it will attract wind power.
Today is the day in which you can see or feel something that will happen in the near future. Today it is necessary to collect will in a fist, to make only balanced and correct actions, not to succumb to emotions, especially negative ones. Take care of your hair, try to please them today. And maybe in the near future you will have a pleasant surprise.