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Day of week: Friday (-)

It isn't recommended, you shouldn't visit hairdressing salon. According to astrologers, this day biochemical processes in the body slowed down, and after Friday haircut hair will grow poorly.

Phase: waning gibbous (+-)
begins: 07:37 3/31/18

Cut your hair only if you want to slow the hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

Age: 19th lunar day (-)
ends: 00:57 Friday

Haircut in 19th lunar day is unfavorable. It can lead to health problems.
If you are in need of new business contacts and partners, today worth dyeing hair with vegetable dyes.
Hairstyle today should not be complex, often better combing your hair, this will give you energy and forces.
Day will be held in a highly charged atmosphere, there is a risk of getting involved in the conflict. The day will not pass without a loss, maybe if you properly manage your emotions you will get off with small losses. At the correct relation with the hair you will be able correctly to adjust communication with space.

Age: 20th lunar day (+-)
begins: 00:57 Friday

If you want to improve the emotional background and mood then a new hairstyle can be very useful.
In order not to spoil your positive mood hair coloring should be postponed.
Try to comb hair after the direction of parts of the world, it will give you energy of the nature, its force.
Today can bring you new dreams and hopes, at the correct order of energy of space. Try to spend a day in self-analysis, reading spiritual books, meditation.