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Day of week: Saturday (+)

Haircut helps to get rid of loneliness, dissatisfaction, increases self-esteem. It is also believed that it helps relieve some of the problems caused by others.

Phase: waning crescent (+-)
begins: 8:21 AM 4/8/18

Cut your hair only if you want to slow the hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

Age: 27th lunar day (+)
ends: 5:57 AM Saturday

A haircut today means to increase your charisma and charm, it will allow you to become a more successful among others, increase popularity.
Cardinal change of hair color will allow to stock up with energy of health and monetary welfare.
Beautiful, in a sense, a special hairstyle, will increase the inflow of positive energy, it should be accurate and concise.
The day is characterized by emotional impulsiveness. You are drawn to do something unusual, to throw the usual routine and do something extraordinary, going beyond. You are ready to perform the feat, move mountains. All that day happens at lightning speed. But you shouldn't forget that active actions lead to big power losses, the correct interaction with hair will help to renew an energy balance to you.

Age: 28th lunar day (-)
begins: 5:57 AM Saturday

Haircut in 28-th lunar day can affect your life expectancy and physical listener.
To stabilize the situation in society would be appropriate to a slight change in hair color.
Today's hairstyle should be easy and simple, it will attract natural energy.
This day will allow you to find inner harmony and spiritual and emotional balance. The questions that tormented you throughout the month can now find answers. Today you brought the fruits of your actions in the past days. Today is the day optimistic predictions, you'll know exactly what you want.