FORECAST FOR 3/12/18 time zone: Europe/London, lat: 51.507351, lon: -0.127758

Day of week: Monday (+)

Help get rid of boredom, depression, unpleasant memories. On this day, it cuts out all the negative.

Phase: waning crescent (+-)
begins: 11:22 AM 3/9/18

Cut your hair only if you want to slow the hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

Age: 24th lunar day (+-)
ends: 3:58 AM Monday

Today new haircut will give you a huge amount of energy. Cut your hair if you want to save the new hairstyle for a long time.
If you are in search of new work or want to make an impression on the head, it is worth painting hair natural dyes in a dark shade.
Voluminous curls in your styling will attract positive energy.
Today you can plunge into grief and melancholy, indulge in doubts and a spiritual imbalance. You will feel lonely and misunderstood person, may appear unfounded fears and despair. Spend the day alone, try to find inner harmony and serenity.

Age: 25th lunar day (-)
begins: 3:58 AM Monday

Haircut today can affect your mental state.
Having painted hair today, you can engage in unwanted conflict, to thereby negative impression on others and impair your status in society.
To protect yourself from negativity outside worth possibly spend the day in a headdress.
Day requires the weighed and considered solutions from you, you shouldn't resolve important issues in a temper. Be attentive to yourself, show some love and care to yourself. Remember that only you are responsible for your well-being. Try to spend a day in relaxation, cease to present to itself the overestimated requirements. Try to radiate energy of love through the hair and space will answer you.