FORECAST FOR 2/9/18 time zone: Australia/Sydney, lat: -33.86882, lon: 151.209296

Day of week: Friday (-)

It isn't recommended, you shouldn't visit hairdressing salon. According to astrologers, this day biochemical processes in the body slowed down, and after Friday haircut hair will grow poorly.

Phase: waning crescent (+-)
begins: 2:55 AM 2/8/18

Cut your hair only if you want to slow the hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

Age: 22nd lunar day (+-)
ends: 12:55 AM Friday

The new hairstyle will allow to increase your importance and to restore the health especially respiratory system. But do not get cut too much, as the hair grows slower in the waning moon.
For improvement of the general welfare it is worth dyeing a hair in natural color.
It is worth choosing a calm hairstyle, it has to counterbalance your communication with space.
Try to comb your hair as often as possible. Today some kind of day of revelations, today you can learn something sacred, something that will be able to change your life and affect the life of your surroundings.
You will experience the thirst of adventure and travel. If you don't have an opportunity to tour now, just imagine, fantasize how and where would you like to go. People of creative professions will have very productive today.

Age: 23rd lunar day (-)
begins: 12:55 AM Friday

Haircut today is contraindicated, it can cause various dislocations and troubles.
Coloring hair using natural ingredients worth entrust your loved ones, this will give a positive attitude and will add joy to your life.
For preservation of a positive spirit and joy it is worth twisting hair.
Today will increase your inner self and creativity, you'll be distinctive and original like never. Decide what exactly today you will be engaged will not be easy, you will be overcome by new ideas and deeds.
During this period they will be generated as an excellent and creative ideas, and not the most successful, so you should pay attention carefully to the ideas that you want to implement. Avoid alcohol and psychotropic substances, they can not represent you in the best light.