FORECAST FOR 2/7/18 time zone: Asia/Manila, lat: 14.599512, lon: 120.98422

Day of week: Wednesday (+)

Will help to improve the relations with people, to eliminate confusion in affairs and thoughts. Often a haircut in this day of the week becomes a harbinger of unexpected news.

Phase: last quarter (+-)
begins: 11:55 PM 2/7/18

Neutral time for haircuts and hair coloring.

Age: 21st lunar day (+)
begins: 11:21 PM Tuesday

Haircut today will help to get rid of health problems, but don't treat teeth at this time.
To attract the right and necessary people you should dye your hair in a light tone.
For attraction of space energy it is necessary to use metal jewelry in today's hairstyle.
Today activates creativity. All of a sudden ideas can be executed immediately. Listen to the inner voice, today it will prompt you a way to harmony and love. Try to follow what is happening around, become a part of the world around you.