FORECAST FOR 2/23/18 time zone: Asia/Kolkata, lat: 22.572646, lon: 88.363895

Day of week: Friday (-)

It isn't recommended, you shouldn't visit hairdressing salon. According to astrologers, this day biochemical processes in the body slowed down, and after Friday haircut hair will grow poorly.

Phase: first quarter (+-)
begins: 1:39 PM 2/23/18

Neutral time for haircuts and hair coloring.

Age: 8th lunar day (-)
ends: 11:06 AM Friday

Do any drastic effect on hair today is not favorable. In order not to attract negative or unhappiness is not necessary to get a haircut today. Hair coloring is also not desirable, you can jeopardize your dignity.
Today, you really want to be in the spotlight, share with others your ideas and thoughts. It is worth to keep a close eye on your desires, so as not to hurt yourself. Excessive activity can provoke negative feelings towards you.
Try to choose a suitable audience, people of good and light. If you have public speaking in front of strangers still try to restrain your emotions.

Age: 9th lunar day (+-)
begins: 11:06 AM Friday

Hairstyle today - excellent secure against illnesses and inconveniences. To cut hair under the growing moon also well will affect their growth.
Hair coloring in natural shades also give strength to fight illnesses and alienate negative emotions.
Hairstyle for today is high but modest.
Today you can feel the excessive freedom, you can succumb to provocation and temptations. Blame the energy space. Today it affects people negatively, they can be also touchy, jealous. Today there is a risk of being caught in a dispute or conflict. Try to minimize communication with strangers.
The ninth lunar day is rather contradictory, but exactly today you will be able to find a solution of a question which perhaps long ago you were tormented. Everything that you will see today can bear important information, try to remember as much as possible what was seen. Try to think positively and to limit the negative emotions.