FORECAST FOR 2/19/18 time zone: Europe/London, lat: 51.507351, lon: -0.127758

Day of week: Monday (+)

Help get rid of boredom, depression, unpleasant memories. On this day, it cuts out all the negative.

Phase: waxing crescent (+)
begins: 9:06 PM 2/15/18

If you want to make your hair grow faster, their condition improved and stronger roots, trim the hair on this day.

Age: 4th lunar day (-)
ends: 8:50 AM Monday

Haircut - not the best solution in this day. Conceived and business goals can be broken.
Hair coloring in natural color with vegetable dyes will maintain the stability of work and finances. Do not experiment with new hairstyles, put your hair as easy as possible and convenient, it will allow you to gain strength and energy.
Today on you literally overwhelm the flow of information, but you yourself will share with others their ideas and thoughts.
If you find an approach to your hair all your initiatives and ideas will bring you the maximum benefit.

Age: 5th lunar day (+)
begins: 8:50 AM Monday

The new hairstyle will present you inspiration, will give a creative power and energy. Hair coloring with natural dyes in a light tone will attract business connections. To attract energy should make a lush, voluminous hairstyle. Today you will be visited by the crazy, creative ideas, your environment will be raised by them, negotiations and discussions will be held at the height, and are very successful, they will bring you and others a lot of positive emotions and satisfaction. The exchange of energy with the cosmos that day will work very productively. Thanks to this you will find a common language with their loved ones.