FORECAST FOR 2/14/18 time zone: America/Denver, lat: 39.739236, lon: -104.990251

Day of week: Wednesday (+)

Will help to improve the relations with people, to eliminate confusion in affairs and thoughts. Often a haircut in this day of the week becomes a harbinger of unexpected news.

Phase: waning crescent (+-)
begins: 8:55 AM 2/7/18

Cut your hair only if you want to slow the hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

Age: 28th lunar day (-)
ends: 6:15 AM Wednesday

Haircut in 28-th lunar day can affect your life expectancy and physical listener.
To stabilize the situation in society would be appropriate to a slight change in hair color.
Today's hairstyle should be easy and simple, it will attract natural energy.
This day will allow you to find inner harmony and spiritual and emotional balance. The questions that tormented you throughout the month can now find answers. Today you brought the fruits of your actions in the past days. Today is the day optimistic predictions, you'll know exactly what you want.

Age: 29th lunar day (+-)
begins: 6:15 AM Wednesday

Haircut today will allow you to internally establish yourself, become more confident. Short hairstyle will suit people planning to radically change the fabric of life.
Coloring your hair can cause money and communication problems.
It should be playful treat hair that day, they will thank you for your positive attitude.
Today you will think about the practical issues, the profitability of certain transactions. Today you will feel cravings for routine daily work, it will be done quickly and smoothly. You will wake up the enthusiasm and desire to complete all planned Š°ffairs. Energy which was not too stable for all month at last will gain stability, it is some kind of result of the leaving month.